Some ideas for what you might do on your holiday; when you are not in the pool!

Times indicated here are for car journeys, at moderate speed, without getting lost.


15 min : Prebenoit abbey, a Cistercian abbey at Betete (very close and worth seeing)

5 min : Boussac Chateau, (tapestries, a collection of walking sticks, flowers…..)

30 min : Culan Chateau <u(a real fortress castle with noteable ramparts)

30 min : George Sand’s House, at Nohant – nearla Chatre(a very good guided visit of the house, there are also gardens to explore).

50 min : Ainay-le-Vieil Chateau (a magnificent site, with its moats and rose gardens).


35 min : The departmental tapestry museum at Aubusson.

50 min :  In Fresselines; a museum exhibiting paintings by Monet and Rollina. Also canoeing, kayaking and wonderful walking in the gorges of Eguzon.

105 min : International centre for art and the countryside on theisland of Vassiviere. This is an area surrounding a thousand hectares of water, there is a sculpture park with internationally renowned Land Art sculptures created on site (including works by Andy Goldsworthy). There are also plenty of opportunities for walking and swimming.


20 min: The gardens of Sauveterre(with wild plant and seeds for sale)

45 min : the gardens of Drulon(magnificent, you will never forget the combination of beautiful plants and works of art)

60 min : the gardens of the priory of Orsan (a unique reconstruction of an historic garden)

55 min : Sedelle arboretum near Crozant picturesque iconic countryside.


5 min :   Les Pierres Jaumâtres( parc de loisir, accrobranche, avec  randonnée en forêt )

5 min :  The twin rocks (Pierres Jaumâtres)  (leisure park, guided tree climbing, forest walks)

30 min : Pouligny tile museeum

35 min : The wolves of Chabriere – Gueret – (Very much worth seeing, worth telephoning ahead to find out when the wolves are fed, as seeing this is a must)

1h50mn : Animal park, Haute Touche (Azay le Féron)

1h50mn : the European park of vulcania, Vulcania (nearClermont-Ferrand)

You can also go walking, cycling, and looking for mushrooms and sweet chestnuts in the surrounding fields and woodlands. There is plenty of local fishing, and there is also the casino at Evaux les Bains, or again an 18 hole golf is only 15 minutes away

But, you may not want to go out at all – we have thought a great deal about your comfort in designing and equipping this gite.